Trying to find the RIGHT treatment for a teen going through a Mental Health Crisis can be a scary and stressful situation for EVERYONE involved… especially the parent! Where do you start? Where do you go? Who do you ask for help? What treatment do you choose? Many turn to their local hospitals but the service and care they can provide are only a short term solution. Then what? What happens next?


There are a number of long-term treatment options for adolescents who are going through mental health crisis including: Short Term Residential Treatment Centers, Wilderness Programs, In-patient Psychiatric Hospitals, Partial Hospitalization Programs, Out-Patient therapy…. the list goes on! The problem with some of these options is that it can take days or even weeks to get placed or accepted into these long term programs. Teens in crisis simply don't have days or weeks and need to get help NOW.

Studies show that the suicide rate jumps up 300x the national average in the week AFTER they are initially released from the hospital (There is a huge gap in treatment where we are LOSING kids to suicide). Something had to change… so we started VIVE!


At Vive we can provide affordable and INSURANCE BASED care that our kids need TODAY. No gaps, no lapses in treatment, and no parents asking themselves… what's next?!? By providing the essential behavioral therapy needed in an in-patient hospital setting we are able to keep kids SAFE as we stabilize and treat them during their crisis.

Gone are the days of jumping back and forth between programs and hospitals… Vive offers every level of care in one continuous and comfortable environment. A large number of treatment programs are private pay… leaving the parents all alone to come up with the money needed for long-term treatment, but not at Vive. We are happy to let parents know that we are insurance based. The treatment your child needs is now more affordable and accessible than ever!

Please don't hesitate, give us a call today and learn what treatment is best for your struggling teen.

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