If your son or daughter is struggling through a mental health crisis it can be very difficult to find the right treatment… it can be even MORE DIFFICULT to find treatment that is affordable or that takes insurance! Money is never front of mind when it comes to these types of situations but unfortunately it is a real factor when it comes to parents making important treatment decisions for their kids. At Vive we have gone to great lengths to be INSURANCE based vs Private Pay. This enables us to serve a large portion of the community who otherwise could not afford treatment.

Before we get into what Vive offers… let's look at the treatment options that are currently available.


Treatment options for mental health crises are typically out of home and last about 4-6 months or even longer: Short Term Residential Treatment Centers, Wilderness Programs, In-patient Psychiatric Hospitals, Partial Hospitalization Programs, Out-Patient therapy are the main ones that are typically chosen. The majority of these programs are private pay and do not accept insurance. Rates can vary but average out to be about $900 a day.


Vive Adolescent Care is a 4-6 week program that focuses on transitioning kids BACK HOME with the skills necessary to cope and function through a mental health crisis, instead of sending them on to MORE treatment.

We do this by combining the medical AND behavioral side of treatment. These two components working hand in hand ensure that not only is the medication correct for each individual (if needed at all) but also that they have the behavioral skills to succeed in everyday activities and tasks. Vive's unique approach provides a home-like setting with the safety level of a hospital.. It truly is one of a kind. All of this is INSURANCE BASED. We are in-network with a number of providers and can also work on a case by case basis with ANY insurance company. We pride ourselves on being able to bring affordable and effective mental health treatment to our adolescent community!

Please don't hesitate, give us a call today and learn what treatment is best for your struggling teen.

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