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Torre Brown

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Yoooo it’s ya guy Torre, I’m originally from Chicago IL. Moved to California for a better shot at life and more opportunities. I played basketball and football throughout high school winning a State Championship my senior year in football which also earned me a football scholarship to Dixie State. I then played 2 years for Dixie State Football Team but after seeing that my heart was in the place of helping others, I began  my career in the Mental health field at Chrysalis working as a Direct Support Staff for a bit  then becoming a CNA at a long-term Care Facility for the elderly for Dementia. A few years ago, I then began teaching Social and Executive functioning Skills to adolescents who struggled with behavioral issues.  My passion has always been to help in any way that I’m able. After being blessed with the opportunity to have so  many mentors and positive role models who’ve contributed to my growth. It was then my mission to give back to our struggling youth. I’ve always felt that I LOVE LIVING LIFE but after given the opportunity to be apart of the VIVE family everyday still feels surreal. Give me joy each day to see the great work we do and the the positive impacts we make in young adult lives!

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