Vive Adolescent Care is a medical-driven model based upon safety and the goal of living a longer, healthier life. We incorporate diverse therapeutic principles to have a collective approach that prepares each client for their next steps, whether that be at home or with other treatment options.

Both psychiatric care and mental health care are vastly complex and are an "ever-changing" realm of treatment. In addition, mental health problems and their treatment have experienced much stigma in the public eye. Today, mental health care continues in the struggle to overcome the misperception of what it is and how it benefits those in need.

The Treatment of Every Child

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At Vive, we understand and accept that there are no universal "right answers" or "right ways" that apply to the treatment of every child. We take a collective and open information approach to our treatment decisions and to prescribing medication. Often, our practice will involve medication management and may include alternative treatment options not typically considered at other hospitals or treatment centers.

Alternative Treatment Options

Currently, Vive Adolescent Care offers alternative treatments to our clients, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy and ketamine infusions.

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Under-prescribing vs Over-prescribing

Psychotropic medications have been around for several decades, and the available options continue to change and expand. Unfortunately, in this industry, we have noticed a fairly consistent practice of either "under-prescribing" or "over-prescribing." Leading practitioners have also observed this deficient practice, seen in many of their research literature publications.

Sadly, we predominantly see a history of over-prescribing with our adolescent patients prior to their admission here at Vive Adolescent Care. Our goal here at Vive is to take a very individualistic approach to our practice of prescribing medications. We do this by paying particular attention to genetics, past behaviors, and historical evidence.

Goals: Safety & De-Prescribing

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It is necessary to have a collaborative agreement when practicing medication management. For this reason, Vive involves both families and clients in the decision-making process, and we do this in a unique way. When prescribing, Vive Adolescent Care has two main goals: They are 1) Safety and 2) De-Prescribing. The practice of polypharmacy is becoming increasingly common in this population and often is not necessary.

We recognize in many cases, health care providers must prescribe before clients can come down on another medication. At Vive, we have this option and the option to safely remove medications (also known as a "med wash") to determine a baseline. At this point, we can discover what is most effective for each client's future – and their optimal mental and physical health.

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Our medical team completes daily protocols that surpass all standard evaluation requirements as part of our mission for the best treatment. We also perform multiple assessments and deeper level evaluations daily. We also recognize this is a team approach, and the assessment information from therapists, case managers, nurses, and other direct care staff are all needed for the best care of our clients.

The Significant Role of Parents

Also, we include the parents of our clients, as they play a significant role in our understanding of their history. Parents also play a principal role in creating a feasible plan for the adolescent and their aftercare. For this reason, Vive Adolescent Care provides a complete and comprehensive diagnostic assessment and a medication treatment plan discussed in the psychiatric/medical discharge summary.

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