Vive Adolescent Care Employees have been serving Southern Utah's adolescent mental health needs for years!

Year after year, our counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, and primary caregivers watched as teens, parents, and even healthcare professionals struggled to find the adequate mental health care needed, resulting from an emergent hospital visit or crisis.

Nobody was quite sure where to go or how to help the at-risk youth in this critical stage of their treatment. But, unfortunately, in this treatment "gap," the mental health industry at large and the caregivers in our community were failing the kids - so we started VIVE.

Vive family

Our mission at Vive

At Vive, our mission is to provide "In Crisis" youth with short-term, innovative, and individualized medical and clinical treatment; while offering safety, stability, and renewed hope for our patients and their families.

As healthcare providers in a family-like setting, we have come together to provide life-saving care in one unique, comfortable, and continuous environment. No gaps, no lapses in treatment, and no one left wondering... What's next?

Whether your "crisis" is related to suicide ideation, self-harm, or a short-term stay in a hospital or other facility... Vive is there for you!

In addition to our insurance-based treatment programs, we also offer a variety of alternative and innovative treatments such as:

At Vive Adolescent Care, our staff AND our clients LOVE LIVING LIFE!

Vive Adolescent Care

Love. Living. Life.

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